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Maria Ortiz, Co-Chair
Joe Restuccia, Co-Chair
Paul Ames, Public Member
Travis Rogers, Public Member
Roberta Barnett
Wilson Cano
Aurora Cruz
Lisa David
Pete Diaz
Raul Larios
Rachel Lee
Betty Mackintosh
Jean-Daniel Noland
Delores Rubin
Katy Stokes
Hector Vazquez


1) What Is The Function of This Committee?

The Housing Health and Human Services Committee reviews proposals and monitors the progress of affordable housing commitments made during the Hudson Yards, West Chelsea, and Western Rail Yards rezoning;

The Committee reviews Low Income Housing Plan Applications as part of the Inclusionary Housing Program;

The Committee evaluates tenant complaints re: service issues, co-op conversions, and tenant associations;

Acts as a liaison between the Board and local social service providers, including City agencies;

Keeps the Board informed about local services, community needs and concerns, uses the Board’s resources to help providers gain needed assistance from City agencies, and conducts occasional public forums where the providers can communicate with each other and with agency officials.

2) When and Where Does This Committee Meet?

The Committee regularly meets on the third Thursday of each month, beginning at 6:30 PM, at various locations in the District. Consult the calendar and committee agenda for the most up-to-date information.

3) What City or State Agencies Work With This Committee?

  • NYC Department of Housing Preservation and Development (HPD)
  • NYC Department of Homeless Services (DHS)
  • NYC Department of Department of City Planning (DCP) Department of Aging
  • Department of Health and Mental Hygiene, Human Resource Administration

In addition, this committee works with all local affordable and special needs housing providers and tenant representative organizations in the area and all health and social service providers in the area.

4) How Should A Resident Address A Housing or Health Concern?

Contact the Community Board Office with details of complaint. Some complaints can be resolved within the office through either the District Manager or Assistant District Manager. If they are unable to resolve the problem directly, it will be referred to the committee. Items will be put on the agenda of the next Housing Health and Human Services committee provided the board was notified more than two weeks in advance of the meeting. This allows time for proper notification of the community.

5) What Is The Best Way to Prepare For Coming Before This Committee?

Developers: Bring full information about the project including plans, building details, and evidence of neighborhood outreach. In addition, you must complete the MCB4 Affordable Housing Checklist.

Questions frequently asked by committee members:

Developers: Total number and size of apartments in the project broken down by market rate and affordable;

  • Will the apartments be permanently affordable?
  • Will the affordable apartments be distributed evenly on all floors?
  • Will the affordable and market rate apartments have the same finishes?
  • Will both type of tenants have access to all amenities?

Social Service Providers: Bring full information about the project including plans, program details, and evidence of neighborhood outreach. In addition, you must complete the MCB4 Social Service Provider Checklist.

Tenants and Local Organizations: Frame the problem in a specific way so the committee can understand the nature of the problem and the specific request for assistance.

Goals & Accomplishments

The communities of the middle Westside of Manhattan, Clinton/Hell’s Kitchen, Hudson Yards and Chelsea, recognized the need for strategies and mechanisms to achieve the goals of the development or preservation of the maximum possible number of affordable housing units in our district. As such, MCB4 has used its local knowledge, history, and successes to date, to create a blueprint for affordable housing development and preservation in Manhattan Community District 4.
MCB4 Affordable Housing Plan

Chelsea NYCHA Working Group Forum
Manhattan Community Board 4 participated in the Chelsea NYCHA Working Group, which held a public virtual forum on December 17, 2021. The Forum included a presentation on the Chelsea NYCHA Working Group’s proposal for renovation and preservation of Elliot-Chelsea and Fulton Developments.

Chelsea NYCHA Presentation
Watch recording of the Forum
Chelsea NYCHA Working Group Report
Summary Booklets for Chelsea Working Group:
English, Spanish, Chinese, Russian

NYCHA Informational Presentation
On Wednesday, July 12, 2023, MCB4’s Chelsea Land Use Committee and Housing, Health & Human Services Committee hosted NYCHA for their informational presentation of the current Chelsea NYCHA Campus Proposal. The Powerpoint can be found here and the full presentation can be found on our YouTube channel here.


Previous Goals & Accomplishments

Previous Goals & Accomplishments Archive


HPD rental lotteries for all five boroughs
HPD homebuyer lotteries
Seniors Community Survey Report & Resource Directory for Seniors
Chelsea NYCHA Working Group Forum Presentation
Booklet Summaries: English, Spanish, Chinese, Russian

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