Chelsea NYCHA Proposal Updates

The Chelsea NYCHA Proposal:

New York City Housing Authority (NYCHA), Related Companies and Essence Development propose a plan to demolish and rebuild the existing buildings on both Chelsea NYCHA campuses. All tenants would be provided a new home. The plan also calls for interim rehab work. Under this proposal, new construction on the campus begins with NYCHA replacement housing. Existing NYCHA tenants are moved into new, permanent housing as new buildings are built to prevent temporary relocation for all residents. However, some tenants may be relocated during interim rehab work. As a new building is built, NYCHA residents are then transferred into that new building so the old building can be replaced, and rebuilt.

Time Line:


Chelsea NYCHA Working Group

Manhattan Community Board 4 participated in the Chelsea NYCHA Working Group.

Chelsea NYCHA Working Group Report

Summary Booklets for Chelsea Working Group:


MCB4 hosted a public virtual forum on December 17, 2021. The Forum included a presentation on the Chelsea NYCHA Working Group’s proposal for renovation and preservation of Elliot-Chelsea and Fulton Developments.

Chelsea NYCHA Presentation
Watch recording of the Forum



NYCHA announces Revised Proposal


On Wednesday, July 12, 2023, MCB4’s Chelsea Land Use Committee and Housing, Health, and Human Services Committee hosted NYCHA for their informational presentation of the revised Chelsea NYCHA Proposal

NYCHA Presentation

NYCHA Presentation – In Spanish

The recording can be found on our YouTube channel here.


MCB4 sends NYCHA and Essence and Related a letter requesting additional information

MCB4 Letter to NYCHA re Questions on Chelsea NYCHA Proposal

NYCHA’s Response Letter 

NYCHA Land Use Material:

As of Right and ULURP Presentation

ULURP Presentation

Non-Rezoning Alternative by Building

Chelsea NYCHA Proposal by Building

NYCHA Resident Meeting Presentation

NYCHA Resident Package


MCB4 holds Community Meeting to inform the public of the process and the hear community members concerns

MCB4 Presentation

The recording can be found here


Housing, Health, and Human Services Committee:

Housing Health and Human Services Committee: Discussion on NYCHA Tenants Rights and Protections

NYCHA Presentation on Tenants Rights

Chelsea Land Use Committee:

Committee Meeting

NYCHA Presentation on Redevelopment Plan Overview


Joint Chelsea Land Use & Housing, Health, and Human Services Admin Letter



NYCHA\HPD Notice of Intent

NYCHA\HPD Draft Scope of Work

NYCHA Draft Scope of Presentation


NYCHA Development Team Presentation on Security and Pest Control


MCB4 Comments on Draft Scope of Work