Manhattan Community Board 4 (MCB4) consists of up to 50 unsalaried members appointed by the Borough President for a two-year term. Twenty-five members are nominated by one of the two City Council members with districts that cover portions of Community District 4.
MCB4 Membership

Members must be New York City residents who live in or have a business, professional or other significant interest in the district. MCB4’s membership includes residential tenants, homeowners, local service providers and business operators. Each member typically serves on two standing committees. An Executive Committee is comprised of all officers and committee chairs.
MCB4’s Committees

The actions and procedures of MCB4 and its committees are governed by the applicable provisions of the City Charter and the New York State Open Meeting Law and the Freedom of Information Law. All Community Boards are defined as public bodies and governmental agencies under these laws, which supersede any contrary provision of an individual Community Board’s bylaws or “Robert’s Rules of Order.”
MCB4’s Bylaws

To become a board member you may apply directly to the Manhattan Borough President’s Office or you may seek a recommendation from your local council member.
Membership Application

Public membership to committee requires appointment by the MCB4 Chair in consultation with committee chair(s).
Public Member Application