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Frank M. Holozubiec, Co-Chair
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Theodore Arenas
Christine Berthet
Wendy Gonzalez
Jesse Greenwald
Candice Hewitt
Inge Ivchenko
Kerry Keenan
Gregory Morris
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Michael Noble
Allen Oster


*NYS Liquor Authority 30-day Notices*

Effective November 23, 2022, all 30-Day Notices should be mailed to our office. Our address is Manhattan Community Board 4 – 424 W. 33rd Street, Suite 580, New York, NY 10001 Attn: Nelly Gonzalez, Assistant District Manager. We will no longer accept notices via email. Should you have any questions, please fee free to contact Nelly Gonzalez, Assistant District Manager at [email protected]

1) What Is The Function of This Committee?

Any beer, wine, or on-premise liquor license applications and sidewalk cafe applications must come before the Business License & Permits Committee of the Community Board for its review. The Board’s position must be considered in the final determination of these applications.

2) When and Where Does This Committee Meet?

The Committee regularly meets on the second Tuesday of each month, beginning at 6:30 P.M. Consult the calendar and committee agenda for the most up-to-date information.

3) What City or State Agencies Work With This Committee?

4) How Should An Applicant Seek Approval From The Board? How Should a Resident Address a Nuisance From a Licensed Establishment?

Contact the Community Board office with details of the complaint. The “Nuisance Reporting Protocol” was designed to help residents address concerns in an effective way. Some complaints can be resolved within the office through either the District Manager or Assistant District Manager. If they are unable to resolve the problem directly, it will be referred to the committee. Items will be put on the agenda of the next committee provided the Board was notified more than two weeks in advance of the meeting. This allows time for proper notification of the community.

5) What Are The Specific Policies Frequently Enforced By This Committee?

6) What Is The Best Way to Prepare For Coming Before This Committee?

Applicants: Fill and submit the Liquor License/Sidewalk Cafe Stipulations Application well in advance of the meeting including plans and evidence of neighborhood outreach. Items will be put on the agenda of the next committee provided the Board was notified more than two weeks in advance of the meeting. This allows time for proper notification of the community.

Residents: The Business Licenses & Permits (BLP) Committee encourages neighbors and other interested parties to present their views on applicants for licenses. You can speak about any applicant at the monthly committee meetings. Alternatively, prior to the committee meeting at which an application will be discussed, you can submit your views in writing via email to Assistant District Manager Nelly Gonzalez – [email protected]. Those written submissions will be included in the public file kept for each applicant. The co-chairs of the committee will read or summarize those submissions at the meeting at which the relevant application is discussed.

7) What To Do If A Bar or Restaurant Is Creating A Quality of Life Issue For You?

MCB4 created a “Bar and Restaurant Nuisance Reporting Protocol” that will help residents address noise complaints from bars or restaurants in an effective way. If the steps one and two listed in the Nuisance Reporting Protocol have not resolved the issue, contact the Community Board District Office with details of complaint. The District Office will review the request and make best attempts to resolve the issue directly or organize a meeting with the establishment. If the District Office is unable to resolve the problem directly, the matter will be referred to the BLP co-chairs for possible inclusion on a BLP agenda. Items that are placed on the agenda of the BLP Committee will require two weeks in advance notice so to appropriately notify the community.

8) What Is The Best Way to Prepare To Meet With The Board?

Follow the MCB4 Bar and Restaurant Nuisance Reporting Protocol

Outreach: If you have a problem that affects a number of people, bring documentation and/or a petition that conveys the number of residents that are concerned by the issue.

Things to Bring: Evidence that supports your allegations (recordings, photos, 311 calls, etc.) or that relate to the problem you are having.

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