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Task Forces and Working Groups

Budget Task Force

Community Boards are Charter mandated to produce an annual Statements of Community District Needs and Budget Requests. Together, these documents are intended to support communities in their ongoing consultations with city agencies, elected officials and other key stakeholders. In addition, MCB4 drafts a written response to the Mayor’s Preliminary Budget. The Budget Task Force meets multiple times throughout the year. To learn more, visit our Budget & Statement of District Needs page.

Balanced Business Task Force

The Manhattan Community Board 4 Balanced Business Diversity Task Force explores ways to maintain the existing business mix of our neighborhoods, which give them a unique definition and quality, and ways to support the growth of new businesses. The Task Force meets on an as needed basis.

Social and Racial Justice Task Force

The Social and Racial Justice Task Force engages the community to understand their concerns regarding racism and discrimination, and takes a proactive role in facilitating measurable progress towards social and racial equity and equality affecting our District.

The Social and Racial Justice Task Force holds monthly meetings on the third Tuesday of every month at 6:30pm.For further information and meeting materials, please contact the MCB4 office.

  • Public Forum on Health Disparities & COVID-19: On March 23, The Social and Racial Justice Task Force, collaborating with MCB4’s HHHS Committee put together an amazing panel of experts that were able to share both professional expertise and personal experiences on the topics of maternal mortality, COVID-19 and vaccinations. Watch a recording of the forum on our Youtube page.

Port Authority Bus Terminal Working Group

The Port Authority Bus Terminal Working Group is made up of MCB4’s Land Use, Transportation, and Housing Committee leadership. Its goal is to collaborate with existing stakeholders, such as the PANYNJ, elected representatives, and the Hell’s Kitchen South Coalition. In addition, The Working Group strategizes the Board’s response as each next step of the project is reached. The Working Group meets on an as needed basis.

For further information on any of these Task Forces and Working Groups please contact the MCB4 office.

Cannabis Working Group

In response to the passage of the Marijuana Regulation and Taxation Act (“MRTA”), Manhattan Community Board 4 (“MCB4”) formed the Cannabis Working Group, which operates with a three-pronged mission: (1) as needed, keep track of and advise MCB4 and public about status of relevant New York cannabis laws, regulations, licensing, and enforcement; (2) provide feedback to the two agencies overseeing the implementation of the MRTA — the Office of Cannabis Management and Cannabis Control Board — on proposed cannabis regulations and licensing applications; and (3) provide recommendations to MCB4 on its role in the licensing and siting of cannabis-related businesses, including ensuring that MCB4’s review process supports the stated goals of the MRTA to be equity-based and to revitalize communities hit hardest by the disproportionate enforcement of cannabis prohibition. To achieve these goals, the Cannabis Working Group will engage with various stakeholders, including the relevant state agencies and community members. The Cannabis Working Group meets on an as-needed basis.

The Working Group Members are:

Jesse Greenwald (Chair)
Jessica Chait, First Vice Chair
Frank Holozubiec (Co-Chair of Business License & Permits Committee)
Lowell Kern
Travis Rodgers (Public Member)
Delores Rubin
Leslie Williams (Co-Chair of Social & Racial Justice Task Force)

Please check back to this page for relevant information and updates!

MCB4 Cannabis Licensing & Enforcement Forum
MCB4’s Cannabis Working Group hosted a public forum that included the following speakers:

  • Dasheeda Dawson, Director, NYC Cannabis Initiative
  • Anthony Miranda, NYC Sheriff
  • Phillip Rumsey, Office of Cannabis Management
  • Greg Wersching & Britt Buckner, Housing Works Cannabis Dispensary Program
  • Mar Fitzgerald, Chair, Cannabis Licensing Committee MCB2

You can watch the forum on MCB4’s Youtube Channel and review the presentation.

MCB4 Letter to Office of Cannabis Management & Cannabis Control Board re Illicit Cannabis Dispensaries

  • As indicated in our letter, MCB4 shares the community’s concerns regarding the current illicit sale of cannabis occurring in our district. We encourage community members to report illegal sales at unlicensed shops and bodegas to the Office of Cannabis Management at [email protected], and not to call 911.

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