Special Clinton District

The Special Clinton District is located along West 41st-59th Streets and west of Eighth Avenue. The special district was created to protect public health and safety, as well as promoting general welfare and amenity on November 1974. The Special Clinton District’s goal is to preserve the land and its existing buildings. The district has set several other goals which include strengthening the residential character of the community, and restricting demolition. New developments and commercial uses will enhance the existing character of the community. Any building that’s suitable for rehabilitation shall be done, to continue its residential use. Height restrictions have been set in the district. New construction shall be at the same scale of the existing buildings,  and at rental levels that will not affect the mix of income groups in the community. The Department of Housing Preservation and Development will issue “Certificates of no Harassment”, to the owners of multiple dwellings as long as no harassment has been made towards tenants. 

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Transcript plan on the establishment of the Special Clinton District

Clinton-Preservation Plan