Moynihan Station Redevelopment

The Moynihan Station is located between West 30th-33rd Streets and 8th-9th Avenues. The Moynihan Station Civic and Land Use Improvement Project is a comprehensive initiative to build a major transportation hub which will: (a) create the new Daniel Patrick Moynihan Station, inclusive of grand new Train and Intermodal Halls for use by New Jersey Transit and Long Island Railroad commuters, among others; (b) be physically connected to Penn Station so as to improve Penn Station circulation and capacity; (c) create dynamic mixed-use development; (d) restore and preserve an important historical resource in Midtown West. The Project would be constructed primarily at the James A. Farley Post Office Building (“Farley”) and its Western Annex (the “Annex”; Farley and the Annex collectively, the “Farley Complex”).

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