Special West Chelsea District

The Special West Chelsea District is located along West 14th- West 30th Streets between Tenth and Eleventh Avenue. The Special West Chelsea District was approved by the City on June 2005. The district’s resolution is to conserve the value of the land and buildings, and promote the general welfare and amenity. The Special West Chelsea District’s proposals will provide new residential opportunities and commercial development. The High Line’s elevated rail line has been reused  to create an open and unique public space. The district will encourage the growth of art related uses and enhance the neighborhood’s art gallery district. Special regulations have been made. No demolitions or modifications on residential multiple dwellings will take place. Any new structure or modification will enhance the existing character of the High Line. 

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West Chelsea Rezoning

The New York City Council approved the West Chelsea/High Line rezoning in June, 2005. The Board was actively involved in the rezoning process. The final text of the rezoning and related map changes can be found on the Department of City Planning’s website.