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Waterfront, Parks & Environment


Maarten de Kadt, Co-Chair
Leslie Boghosian Murphy, Co-Chair
Jennifer Cook, Public Member
Sally Greenspan, Public Member
Catie Savage, Public Member
Manha Awais
Roberta Barnett
Gwen Billig
Lisa David
Tina DiFeliciantonio
Matt Green
Candice Hewitt
David Holowka
Josephine Ishmon
Lowell Kern
Raul Larios
Chris LeBron
Brad Pascarella
Alice Wong

1) What Is The Function of This Committee?

The Waterfront, Parks & Environment Committee is actively involved in the planning and operation of the Hudson River Park and other developments along the waterfront. It works with environmental groups and government agencies on various matters involving the waterfront and inland open space. The Committee advocates for the creation of new parkland and increased funding for recreation centers and parks.

2) When and Where Does This Committee Meet?

The Committee meets on the second Thursday of each month, beginning at 6:30 PM. Please consult the calendar and committee agenda for most up to date information.

3) What City or State Agencies Work With This Committee?

  • NYC Department of Parks (DPR)
  • NYC Department of Environmental Protection (DEP)
  • NYS Department of Environmental Conservation (DEC)
  • NYC Department of City Planning (DCP)

4) What Is The Best Way to Prepare For Coming Before This Committee?

Outreach: When the proposal consumes public space that is currently being used by pedestrians or vehicles, canvass the block and obtain the support of all neighbors (residential and businesses) and of transient pedestrians. Obtain the support of the block association. Obtaining a list of the names, address, contact number,and signatures of people in support of the application is very helpful.

Things to bring: Photographs, drawings of current and proposed configurations or regulations and list of surrounding land use, list of 311 calls, neighbors who support your request or supporting signatures, letter from your block association, patience as it may take two to three hours before being heard at the meeting depending on the agenda.


Goals & Accomplishments

Opined on multiple requests including

  • The renewal request of Vornado for their project on Pier 92 and 94
  • The design plan for the proposed park on 20th Street
  • Chelsea Waterside Park re design
  • Worked with Hudson River Park Trust to relieve commercial and pedestrian needs for Hudson River Park
  • Support for the historic Pier 57 (between 15th street and 16th street on 11th avenue) project featuring a public park on its roof.
  • Pier 66 Boat House request for additional anchorages

Ongoing Projects 

Tree Planting Permits

NYC Department of Parks & Recreation oversees all trees within the public right-of-way; this includes curbside or street trees. As such, any entity, including builders, must apply for a free permit in order to plant a tree. Follow up on the status of your request by using the requisition number provided at the end. For more information, call 311.

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