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Quality of Life

The committee reviews applications and complaints regarding sidewalk cafes; resolutions go to the Department of Consumer Affairs with additional review by the City Council as needed. It also reviews applications and issues related to newsstands, street furniture, street vendors and any other incursions on sidewalk access.

Also, the committee reviews applications and complaints on street festivals, block parties, and other street and sidewalk closures and examines the impact of movie production as well as street parades in our community. Street festival resolutions are sent to the Street Activity Permit Office and the Office of Citywide Events Coordination and Management.

The committee additionally focuses on issues pertaining to sanitation and environmental protection.

Board Members                   Public Members
William Benesh, Chair           Karen Eckhoff
Wayne Kawadler                   Johanna Lawton
Michael Levine
Ed Ma
Brian Pape
Zachary Roberts
Rocio Sanz


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