Department of Design & Construction

Please see this introductory letter for HWP2020LM: Non-Standard Pedestrian Ramp Installation – Landmarks, Citywide (seven of which are located in CB2). There are seven locations withing the boundaries of Community District 2:


Department of Buildings

View the latest weekly notice of construction activity pursuant to Local Law 158 of 2017.

View the latest weekly notification on Active After Hour Variances

View a map of DOB’s Active After Hours Variances.

Department of Transportation

The DOT has begun resurfacing roadways in New York City. To find out when and where they will be doing this work, you can view DOT’s Weekly Resurface Schedule.

View the latest BRIDGES, TUNNELS AND RAIL ADVISORY – Lane closings planned at the George Washington Bridge, Holland Tunnel and Outerbridge Crossing Face coverings required for anyone using Port Authority facilities to prevent spread of COVID-19



The GrowNYC Compost Program strives to make composting second-nature for all New Yorkers by operating residential Food Scrap Drop-off sites and partnering with community composting facilities to make compost locally. Part of a larger network of over 200 Food Scrap Drop-off sites in NYC, the GrowNYC Compost Program currently operates 52 food scrap drop-off sites serving 7 thousand regular weekly participants, diverting over 25 tons of food scraps from landfills each week.

See updates on GrowNYC locations, and check the citywide map for more options.




Company Offers Payment Plans, Budget Billing, Low-Income Discounts;

Customers Can Save with Careful Usage, Energy Efficiency Programs


NEW YORK – Con Edison is offering programs to help customers with their energy bills this winter, while also sharing tips for saving money by conserving and using energy wisely.

The company offers payment assistance options, including budget billing, which smooths a customer’s costs out throughout the year, payment plans, and payment extensions.

A payment plan allows a customer to pay off arrears over time, rather than all at once. Payment extensions give customers up to 10 extra days to pay their bills.

Customers who receive benefits from certain government assistance programs can qualify for the company’s Energy Affordability Program.

Con Edison offers these programs out of an understanding that high energy costs can be a hardship, particularly for low- and moderate-income customers.

The best way for customers to take control of their bills is to manage their usage of gas and electricity. Customers can follow energy-saving tips and check out the energy efficiency incentives Con Edison offers for upgrades customers make to their homes.

Helping Vulnerable Customers

Con Edison offers special protections and payment programs for seniors, people with disabilities, customers experiencing medical emergencies, or domestic violence.

The Home Energy Assistance Program provides discounts for qualified low-income customers to limit utility costs to 6 percent of average annual income. The discount is based on a statewide formula that is updated annually and adjusted if delivery costs change.

Conserving is Key

The best strategy for Con Edison’s 3.6 million customers is to carefully manage their usage.

Customers can save money by using these tips:

·      Set thermostats at the lowest comfortable temperature. Each degree lower decreases heating costs.

·      Make sure heating vents are not blocked by furniture, carpeting or anything else that could obstruct the flow of heat.

·      Have a qualified contractor clean and inspect heating systems.

·      Insulate hot-water pipes and warm-air ducts that pass through unheated areas. Clean or replace filters for the hot-air furnace and heat-pump.

·      Swap out window shades seasonally. Light-colored window coverings reflect the sun’s energy, while darker ones absorb it and release heat.

·      Replace conventional light bulbs with LED bulbs, which are up to 10 times more efficient, and are widely available and affordable.

Winter Energy Costs

Con Edison projects that gas bills this winter will be about the same as last winter, but that electric bills will rise, mainly due to increases in delivery charges. Electric supply charges – which cover the cost of the commodity – are also up.

Con Edison buys natural gas and electricity on the wholesale markets and uses a variety of strategies to stabilize pricing for customers. The company does not set supply costs and does not make a profit on the supply.

The company currently projects that its average residential natural gas heating customer using an average of 163 therms per month will pay $416 a month from November 2023 to March 2024, 1 percent more than the average bill of $413 a year earlier.

Gas delivery costs will be up, according to the projections, due to a rate plan the New York State Public Service Commission approved in July. But those increases will be offset by a decrease in supply charges.

Electric delivery costs are also projected to be up due to the approved rate plan. Electric supply costs are higher due to the rising cost of electric capacity. Power generators receive monthly electric capacity payments from the New York Independent System Operator to ensure that there is enough power available at times when demand is highest. Those costs get passed along to Con Edison when the company pays the NYISO for the electric capacity required to serve customers.

A New York City residential customer using 280 kilowatt hours a month this winter will pay about $117, a 14 percent increase over last winter’s $103, based on current projections.

A Westchester County customer using 425 kilowatt hours a month will have an average bill of $143, an 11 percent increase over last winter’s $129, based on the company’s latest estimates.

For a small commercial customer using 583 kilowatt hours per month, bills are projected to rise $9, or 4 percent, from $223 last winter to $232.

A larger commercial customer using 10,800 kilowatt hours per month with a peak demand of 30 kilowatts will see an increase of $27, or 1 percent, from $2,993 to $3,020.

Weekly Construction Bulletin

Weekly Construction Bulletin for the Rehabilitation of Pedestrian Ramps Project HWPR21MQ

10/9/23 – 10/13/23: Excavation, Installing Steel Curb, Forming,Concrete Operation and Asphalt Restoration
Location: Washington Street and Morris Street (Northwest Corner)

For more info, please click here.

CBDTP Construction Bulletin: 10/6/23-10/25/23
Please click here for construction bulletin detailing upcoming work in district 2.

Community Advisory Updates

Community Advisory for the upcoming weeks for the Rehabilitation of Pedestrian Ramps Project HWPR21MQ

  • Curbside Parking and Sidewalk Access Restrictions from 10/9/23 to 10/20/23, Monday – Friday from 7am – 3:30pm. Click here for more info.

NYC DEP Pay Your DEP Water Bill with Autopay

DEP is offering a $100 incentive credit to encourage customers to enroll in autopay. This limited time opportunity will only run for three months, until Nov. 15, so interested customers should sign up immediately. Those who enroll in autopay are required to receive e-bills, which eliminates physical paper bills and is therefore a more environmentally friendly alternative. DEP is launching this savings program as a follow-up to the successful amnesty program that forgave interest charges for customers who paid their overdue water bills.

Autopay allows customers to pay their bills automatically on the due date, or a specific date each month, and avoid the hassle of remembering to pay on time. The autopay feature automatically deducts a customer’s balance or payment amount from their bank account or credit card. Approximately 100,000 accounts, or 12% of DEP’s customers, are currently enrolled in autopay. This initiative aims to increase enrollment, which will help keep accounts current, increase customer satisfaction, and reduce the volume of bill inquiries to our call center, borough offices and correspondence unit.

Customers are eligible if they sign up for autopay using their My DEP account through Nov. 15. They must be enrolled in monthly billing, e-billing and cannot be delinquent on bills. If a customer has multiple accounts, all accounts can be eligible for the non-refundable $100 one-time credit, if all the program requirements are met.

Plus, setting it doesn’t mean forgetting it—customers will receive monthly notifications that their payment is scheduled and paid. Customers are required to stay current on their bills and be enrolled in autopay, e-billing, and monthly billing for six months after the $100 credit is applied to the account. If any of these qualifying actions are altered, the $100 credit will be revoked.

Additional info can be found at, on our social media channels @NYCWater, or by calling DEP Customer Service at (718) 595-7000. (Please note that only property owners can enroll in autopay, monthly billing, and e-billing. DEP staff cannot enroll customers’ accounts into these services.)

EPA’s Environmental Justice Community Change Grants

EPA’s Environmental Justice Community Change Grants 

At the recent Brownfields 2023 conference, I learned about EPA’s Environmental Justice Community Change Grants that will be announced later this fall.  Full details are not yet available, but I wanted to alert NYC community-based organizations (CBOs) to the opportunity so you can begin thinking about applying and partners you might work with.

These are the details available so far:

Funding: $10-$20 million per grantEligibility: CBOs, in partnership with other CBOs, universities, or local governments

Deadlines: rolling applications; projects must be completed by September 2026.Project categories:

  • Climate resiliency and adaptation.
  • Mitigating climate and health risks from urban heat islands, extreme heat, wood heater emissions, and wildfire events.
  • Community-led air and other (including water and waste) pollution monitoring, prevention, and remediation.
  • Investments in low- and zero-emission and resilient technologies and related infrastructure.
  • Workforce development that supports the reduction of greenhouse gas emissions and other air pollutants.
  • Reducing indoor toxics and indoor air pollution.
  • Facilitating the engagement of disadvantaged communities in governmental processes ($1-3 million grants.)

EPA has posted the latest info at and a set of frequently asked questions.

Further, a preview of these grants will be featured at the beginning of the upcoming National Environmental Justice Community Engagement Call on September 19, 2023 at 2 pm.  These calls are free and open to the public.  See below for instructions to register and get the Zoom link.

NYSDOT Advisory

Hudson River Greenway (Route 9A)
8/14/2023 – 8/19/2023 (NEW THIS WEEK)
• One lane closed N/B from Morton Street to Barrow Street from 10:00 p.m. to 5:00 a.m.

For updates on New York State Traffic Advisory from August 14, 2023, through August 20, 2023, please click here.



The MTA during the month of September will be installing poles and equipment relating to the Central Business District Tolling Program (aka Congestion Pricing) at the following locations: 182 West Street (night work); the Holland Tunnel entrance at 250 Hudson Street (night and day work);  and the Holland Tunnel entrance at 576 Broome Street (night and day work).

The MTA Board will consider changes to the MTA’s fares and tolls over the next two months (please see attached notice for details or visit the webpage at the link: changes to the MTA’s fares and tolls).

How to comment on the MTA’s proposed changes to fares and tolls:

Members of the public wishing to comment on these specific changes, and/or provide feedback on the MTA’s fares may do so by submitting a comment at the link below:

Submit a comment on the MTA’s proposed changes to fares and tolls.

Members of the public may also comment at the MTA’s public hearings, which will be in a hybrid format allowing for remote access via Zoom and in-person access at MTA headquarters at 2 Broadway. 

Hybrid public hearings

The MTA will hold four hybrid public hearings on the proposed fare changes:

  • Thursday, June 22, 10 a.m.-2 p.m.
  • Thursday, June 22, 6-9 p.m.
  • Friday, June 23, 10 a.m.-2 p.m.
  • Monday, June 26, 6-9 p.m.

All public hearings will be held in person at MTA Headquarters, 2 Broadway, 20th Floor – William J. Ronan Board Room.

There will also be a Zoom option for those who prefer to attend virtually, and the hearings will be livestreamed on the MTA website.

This more flexible format allows us to hear from a wider audience, including people who cannot travel to Lower Manhattan.

Registering to speak

Those interested in providing comments at a hybrid public hearing will have two minutes to speak. To register to speak at the hybrid public hearings, please register using the links above, or call the Public Hearing Hotline at 646-252-6777. Telephone agents are available daily from 6 a.m. to 10 p.m.

Registration for each public hearing is now open. It will close at the start of each hearing.

Joining the hearings virtually

If you are registered to speak and joining the public hearings virtually, you may join the Zoom meeting at the scheduled hearing time either online or by phone following these instructions:

  • Join online: To access the Zoom meeting online, visit the website. You can also use this link enter the Meeting ID 820 2029 1036.
  • Join by phone: To access the Zoom meeting by phone, please call +1 646 518 9805. Then enter Meeting ID 820 2029 1036 followed by the pound (#) sign.

Members of the public who wish only to view the hearings may access the event live on YouTube.

To submit questions during the hearings, you must join the hearing through the Zoom online platform. You may submit questions at any other time in the ways listed below. Questions after the proposed fare changes may be responded to by staff during or after the hearing.

Additional ways to comment

  • Submit a written comment.
  • Mail a letter to MTA Government & Community Relations, 2 Broadway, 17th Floor, New York, NY 10004
  • Call the hotline at 646-252-6777

Accessibility and interpreter services

American Sign Language and CART Captioning Services will be available.

Members of the public who are deaf or hard of hearing can use their preferred relay service or the free 711 relay service, and then ask to be connected to the Public Hearing Hotline at (646) 252-6777 to speak with an agent.

Members of the public who do not have access to a computer or who do not have access to the Internet can listen to each of the hearings by calling the Zoom meeting at 1-646-518- 9805 (toll-free). Then enter Meeting ID 820 2029 1036, followed by the pound (#) sign.

If language assistance or any other accommodations are required, please submit a request at least five (5) business days before the scheduled hearing date in one of the following ways: online, calling the Public Hearing Hotline at (646) 252-6777, or by sending a letter to MTA Government & Community Relations, Attn: Fare Hearings, 2 Broadway, 17th Floor, New York, NY 10004.

More information here: How to Comment on MTA 2023 Fare & Toll Changes and here: MTA Proposed Fare and Toll Changes 2023

World Trade Center Health Program Youth Research Cohort: STAC Meeting Notice and Call for Public Comments


The World Trade Center (WTC) Health Program is seeking feedback on best practices and methods for assembling and engaging a research cohort to allow the Program to conduct future research studies on the health and educational impacts in the population of persons aged 21 years or younger at the time of their WTC exposure.

Please share the following opportunities for public comments, feedback, and input with fellow 9/11 community members, interested colleagues, partner organizations, or others who may be interested: WTC Health Program STAC Meeting, June 21-22, 2023

  • On May 26, 2023, NIOSH published a Federal Register Notice  that includes details on the World Trade Center Health Program Scientific/Technical Advisory Committee (WTCHP–STAC) virtual meeting being conducted via Zoom on June 21, 2023, from 11 a.m. to 4 p.m. EDT, and on June 22, 2023, from 11 a.m. to 1:30p.m., EDT.
  • The main focus of the STAC meeting will be a discussion of the new youth research cohort being established by the WTC Health Program. The meeting will include a presentation on establishing the cohort and the Program’s perspectives, as well as an overview of young survivors. In addition, the WTC Survivors Steering Committee will lead presentations on young survivors’ views and community-based participatory research. The meeting will also include a presentation and discussion about substantive amendments to the existing Policy and Procedures for Adding Non-Cancer Health Conditions to the List of WTC-Related Health Conditions. For additional information, including the meeting agenda, visit
  • For information on how to provide written or oral comments, please review the STAC meeting Federal Register Notice . Written public comments must be received by June 22, 2023. Members of the public who wish to address the WTCHP-STAC during the oral public comment session must sign up to speak by June 14, 2023. Five-minute oral public comment slots are on a first come basis with limited availability.

You can follow the STAC meeting proceedings via live webcast . No registration is required.

NYU Update: Paulson Center Community Facility Application

Application for Community Facility Tenant

June 7, 2023


Dear Neighbor,

We are pleased to share the application is available for a community facility tenant on the ground floor of the Paulson Center. In compliance with our agreement with the city, NYU is seeking an area nonprofit organization to lease the 750 square foot ground floor space at the Paulson Center (located at 181 Mercer Street) for a community facility rent. The space can be used for community services or office space and is accessible from the Greene Street Walk (between Houston and Bleecker Streets). We invite you to share information on the space and how to apply with all interested parties and through your own communication channels (i.e. newsletters, social media). Please find it here. If there are particular organizations that you know can utilize the space, please connect us directly. NYU will review tenant applications on a rolling basis for up to one (1) year through April 18, 2024, unless a tenant is identified before then. Please feel free to reach out to [email protected] with any questions.

Best,NYU Community Engagement

NYU Updates on the Greene Street Playgarden Maintenance and Repair Closure

The Greene Street Playgarden is scheduled to be closed for repairs and maintenance next week from Monday, May 1 through Friday, May 5, weather and site conditions permitting. Notices about the closure will be posted on the gates to the playgarden.




 Free Alfresco Concerts

Tuesdays at 8 pm in June, 2023

Artistic Director Lutz Rath has announced the 65th season of the Washington Square Music Festival, taking place Tuesdays in June on the Main Stage in the center of Washington Square Park.  All four concerts are free.  The Festival is under the auspices of the Washington Square Association, Inc. Rainspace TBA.

June 6, 8 pm

The Harlem Chamber Players with Kenneth Overton, baritone

June 13, 8 pm

Lutz Rath conducting the Festival Chamber Ensemble

Thom Sharp: Bolero

Dick Hyman: Jazz Clarinet Concerto with Julian Milkis, clarinet

Michelle Thomas, vocalist and composer: Navajo Songs, premiere

Luigi Boccherini: Symphony in D major, G.490

June 20, 8 pm

Lutz Rath conducting the Festival Chamber Ensemble with Pedro Giraudo, double bass

Joseph Haydn: Overture in D major

Pedro Giraudo: Impetuoso

Antonio Capuzzi: Concerto for double bass

Franz Schubert: Symphony #5 in b-flat major, D485

June 27, 8 pm

Dennis Hernandez, trumpet and sextet: Cuban jazz with vocalist

The Washington Square Music Festival is made possible with public funding through Councilmember Christopher Marte, The New York City Department of Cultural Affairs, and New York State Council on the Arts, a State Agency.  Generous grants from The Earle K. & Katherine F. Moore Foundation, Washington Square Association, Music Performance Trust Fund, The Margaret Neubart Foundation Trust, New York University Community Affairs & NYU Community Fund, Salamon-Abrams Family Fund, Con Edison, and the Washington Square Park Conservancy, are deeply appreciated, as is invaluable help from NYC Parks & Recreation.


A walkthrough was held by Community Board #2 Manhattan (CB2) on Thursday, March 23, 2023 to observe conditions in the area bounded by Canal St. (south), Grand St. (north), Thompson St. (east) and Varick St. (west) in relation to projects that are or will be taking place in and around that vicinity and whose activities, in some cases, may overlap.

Those in attendance included representatives from MTA NYC Transit (NYCT), the NYC Dept. of Environmental Protection (DEP), the NYC Dept. of Parks & Recreation (DPR), the NYC Dept. of Transportation (DOT), Trinity Church Wall Street , Taconic Investment Partners, the Hudson Square Business Improvement District, NYS Senator Brian Kavanagh, NYS Assembly Member Deborah Glick, NYC Council Member Christopher Marte, and members of CB2. The sign-in sheet attachment lists all those attending but Rich Caccapolo, CB2 Parks/Waterfront Committee chair and Shirley Secunda, CB2 Traffic/Transportation Committee chair, who also attended but didn’t sign in.

The purpose of the walkthrough was to learn more about the conduct of the following projects that at times will occur at the same time in the same area, in relation to each other’s operations and to assure an ongoing exchange of information, coordination of activities and of schedules to avoid negative impacts:

  • NYCT – power substation construction, already underway, underneath the Grand Canal Courts, intersection of Thompson St., Canal St., & 6th Ave. – continuing to the end of 2025 (the surface level park will reopen in the 3rd Quarter of 2024).
  •  DEP – sewage pumping station replacement, Canal & Sullivan Sts. (directly across the street from NYCT’s project) – 2024 to 2026.
  • Taconic – construction of 465-ft.-tall, 26-story building at 76 Varick St. (to be called 2 Hudson Sq.) beginning 2024 pursuant to a 99-year ground lease with Trinity Church Wall Street currently in final negotiations.

These also would need to be considered in relation to the Holland Tunnel North Tube nighttime closure for Hurricane Sandy repairs by Port Authority (PANYNJ) through the 3rd quarter of 2025.

Discussed at the Walkthrough

 NYCT Substation Project – At present motor vehicles can come south (next to the project barrier) on Thompson St. from Grand to Canal St.  When digging up on Thompson to move utilities, a locked gate will be set up in the middle of that block (south of Grand) to prevent traffic from entering, but a lane will be preserved for pedestrian access. The site is active 7am-4:30 pm. Above groundwork is done only on weekdays.  Deliveries occur primarily when pouring concrete (takes 4 hours).  Other deliveries are sporadic.  Cement trucks line up on 6th Ave.  They back into the yard with flagging.  Currently staging is done at the 55 Hudson Sq. (76 Varick) development site.  DOT allows this temporary spot for staging.  There is no permit.  It will be used until they’re forced to leave (so far, no alternative has been ascertained).  A Project Hotline has been set up: 212-431-3993.

DEP Sewage Pumping Station Project – The vent tower will be 11-12 ft. tall and in the sidewalk on Canal St.  Staging will be on the north part of Sullivan St. and a small part of Duarte Sq., mostly for the field office (trailer). (Sullivan and Duarte are on the same level). Pedestrians won’t be able to access Sullivan when work is going on.  One or two box trucks and five pickup trucks are typically used in a day; five trucks are the maximum in a typical day. Two lanes on Canal St. (next to the project) will be closed from 11pm-7am for 3 months (probably within the last 3-5 months). Flagging is used, and if necessary, DOT would have NYPD do enforcement. Maintenance is done regularly for about 15-20 minutes, avoiding interference with the schedule. DEP repaves when the project is completed.  DOT will put DEP in touch with their permit office to coordinate relocation of the bike share area.  DEP has met with Taconic and they will coordinate.

Taconic/Trinity – The project will be initiated in 2024 with construction from 2025 through 2026.  The first six stories will be a public school. (approximately 444 school seats).  There’s a 6-month agreement between Trinity and h NYCT re staging and month to month after the 6 months.  Taconic has yet to coordinate with DOT re their own staging and other plans.  They expect Varick St. will have staging and truck access.  DOT is involved on the periphery. Varick St. at Grand St. will be the entryway.  Mitigation: Trucks will be washed down, and flagging will be used.

Taconic/Trinity will consider working with DEP to  provide a hotline together for the public in 2024.

All have agreed to come back to CB2 in the future to report on their coordination of activities and mitigation and to provide project updates.

In addition, PANYNJ has expressed their willingness to speak with whomever they need to in order to make sure they’re coordinating across agencies.

LATEST MTA Updates on Subway and Bus


Due to fastrack maintenance work, there will be no 4 and 6 service between Grand Central-42 St in Manhattan and Atlantic Av-Barclays Center, Monday-Friday on September 25-29, and October 2-6, from 9:30PM to 5:00AM.

  • and 6 trains will run local between Grand Central-42 St and the Bronx.   
  • service will run to/from New Lots Av overnight, replacing the in Brooklyn.
  • For 33 St, 28 St, 23 St, 14 St-Union Sq, Astor Pl, Bleecker St, Spring St, Canal St, Brooklyn Bridge-City Hall, Fulton St, Wall St and Bowling Green, use nearby N Q R W 2 3 stations.
  • For Brooklyn, take the 2 or 3.

As always please consult the MTA website or the MyMTA app for the latest service information and alternative service options. Customers can also sign up for the MTA’s newly launched customer real-time email and text alert system, or call 511 for service-related information. To stay up-to-date on weekend service, customers can sign up for our MTA Weekender newsletter.


There will be no L-train service between 14 St-Union Sq and 8 Av this upcoming Monday, June 19th at 11:45PM continuing through Wednesday June 21st at 5:00 am.

During this time, L trains run between Canarsie-Rockaway Pkwy and 14 St-Union Sq, the last stop.

Additionally, M14 and free L92 shuttle buses will be making L stops between 14 St-Union Sq and 8 Av.

  • Transfers can be made between the L and buses at 14 St-Union Sq.

Attached is a flyer that will be posted at all impacted stations and can be shared through your social media or digital communication channels.

To learn more about weekend service changes, please subscribe to the MTA Weekender, a newsletter sent on Fridays that tracks planned weekend service changes on the subways, Long Island Rail Road, and Metro-North Railroad.

Customers can call 511 and visit MTA Planned Service Changes for service-related information and customer service. Additionally, please feel free to reach out to us with any questions.

Con Edison Work Notice

Perry St bet Washington St & Greenwich St / S21-02015-400M – CON EDISON – Triumph/FULL ROADWAY CLOSURE NOTIFICATION – MANHATTAN

Con Edison plans a full roadway closure on Perry St bet Washington St & Greenwich St in the borough of Manhattan.

The roadway closure will commence on Monday 7/3/23 – Friday 7/14/23

This Full Roadway Closure will take place Monday through Friday, 9am-4pm beginning 7/3/23 and ending 7/14/23

This work involves structure enlargement & conduit installation for service upgrade & system reinforcement.

There will be no interruption to electric service in this area.

Please note that this roadway closure is subject to extension based on the project scope of work.

G22-010013241 – W 4th St btw W 10th St & Charles St/Con Edison-D’Onofrio / Full Roadway Closure Notification 7/5/23 to 8/4/23

Con Edison plans a full roadway closure on W 4th St btw W 10th St & Charles St in the borough of Manhattan.

The roadway closure will commence on Wednesday July 5th 2023 to Friday, August 4th  2023.

This Full Roadway Closure will take place weekdays only from the hours of 9am-4pm Monday thru Friday.

This work involves the installation of a new gas main for public safety.

There will be no interruption to gas service in this area.

Con Edison Gas Upgrade Work: June 5, 2023 – July 4, 2023

Locations and Work Schedule

W 4th St btw W 10th St & Charles St

Monday 9:00 AM – 4:00 PMTuesday 9:00 AM – 4:00 PMWednesday 9:00 AM – 4:00 PMThursday 9:00 AM – 4:00 PMFriday 9:00 AM – 4:00 PM

What to ExpectStreet ClosuresLimited Street ParkingNoiseWorking on Customer PropertyGenerator(s)

Reference Number: 23-01830

Con Edison Gas Upgrade

Con Edison is performing Gas Upgrade work in your area. We expect to work from March 18 to September 30.

Locations and Work Schedule
Lafayette St & Cleveland St
Saturday 8:00 AM – 6:00 PM
Sunday 9:00 AM – 6:00 PM

What to Expect
Limited Street Parking
Temporary Lane/Bike Lane Closure
Reference Number: 23-01673


Latest Updates on Full Roadway / Street Closings

25 West 4 Street Manhattan at West 4 St. between Greene St. & Mercer St. – Notification for Full Roadway Closure for 12-09-2023 to 12-30-2023

Please be advised that Structure Tone LLC. will be closing West 4 Street between Greene Street & Mercer Street Manhattan on 12-09-2023 to 12-30-2023 for Boom Operations under application #M00791674. Roadway will be closed from 9 am to 3 pm Monday to Friday and 8 am to 4 pm Saturday.

Click here for more detail.




Work hours:
12:01AM SAT – 11:59PM SUN.

Back up date/Weather date:

Full Roadway Closure @ West 4 Street between Greene Street & Mercer Street

Structure Tone LLC. will be closing West 4 Street between Greene Street & Mercer Street Manhattan on 12-09-2023 to 12-30-2023 for Boom Operations under application # M00791674. Roadway will be closed from 9 am to 3 pm Monday to Friday and 8 am to 4 pm Saturday



This project includes repairs and replacement of various systems and structural elements suffering from latent salt damage and installation of flood protection. Our contractor has requested that we switch our overnight closures from the current New Jersey Bound Closures to New York Bound for a period of two weeks to install retractable barriers in the South Tunnel at both the NJ and NY portals.What this means is that the HOLLAND TUNNEL WILL BE CLOSED TO NEW YORK BOUND TRAFFIC OVERNIGHTS BEGINNING SUNDAY, JULY 23RD AND FINISHING SUNDAY AUGUST 6TH. During this time, New Jersey bound traffic will be open.On August 6th, we will resume the current New Jersey bound closures until the project is completed.The current New Jersey Bound closure schedule is:* Sunday night 11:00 p.m. – 5:30 a.m.* Monday night 11:00 p.m. – 5:30 a.m.* Tuesday night 11:00 p.m. – 5:30 a.m.* Wednesday night 11:00 p.m. – 5:30 a.m.* Thursday night 11:00 p.m. – 5:30 a.m.* Friday night 11:59 p.m. – 9:00 a.m.* Saturday night No Scheduled ClosuresThe Port Authority’s robust community outreach plan includes social media and radio advertisements, email notifications, digital roadside signage, 511 messages, and as a partnership with Waze and other travel  apps to proactively notify motorists who currently use the Holland Tunnel of upcoming changes. We have been in touch with our local partners in the region including– NYC DOT, NYS DOT, NJ DOT, NJ Turnpike, to alert them of this change.

MTA-NYC Transit on the 14th St. Station ADA Project (F line/L line)

Presentation by MTA-NYC Transit on the 14th St. Station ADA project (F line/L line).

Plans were presented for construction that will bring ADA accessibility to both the 14th St./6th Ave. (servicing the L, F and M lines) and 14th St./7th Ave. (servicing the 1, 2 and 3 lines) subway stations, including adding nine elevators, new and/or refurbished accessible stairways, and platform and mezzanine improvements (refurbishments and/or new ones).  There will be three elevators at the northeast corner of 6th Ave., one from the street to the upper and lower mezzanine levels, one from the lower mezzanine to the L platform level, and one from the upper mezzanine to the F uptown platform.  Three more elevators will be at 6th Ave.’s northwest corner, two of them giving access from the L platform to the 1, 2, 3 passageway and to transfer to the F/M downtown.  There will be work for the 7th Ave. station on 12th, 13th and 14th Sts. corners along 7th Ave.  Three new elevators will include one giving access from the street to the mezzanine level, one giving access from the mezzanine to the northbound platforms, and one giving access from the mezzanine level to the southbound platform.  The passageway between 6th and 7th Aves. will be made ADA compliant.  There will be structural steel and concrete repairs throughout the L tunnel and to the wall and ceiling on the L line from 1st to 8th Ave.

Construction will require opening the ground to put in elevators.  Ground level work will take place from 7 am to 3 pm.  Underground work will go on 24 hours, within barricades when trains are in service.  There will be pedestrian walkways established around the work areas, and the 6th Ave. bike lane will be maintained.  Mitigation measures during construction will include directional signage, posting of notifications of service disruptions and closures, maintenance of walking surfaces free of trip hazards, maintenance of visibility around barricaded work areas, flagging of moving equipment, dust monitoring, housekeeping for cleanliness, noise and vibration monitoring and control, maintenance of adequate illumination, and physical barriers around work zones.  Once the project is completed a new wayfinding system will be installed directing people to where the new elevators and stairs are located.  The project is expected to be completed in 2024.  For further information, contact: [email protected].  There’s also a 24/7 hotline phone number: 800-374-9042.

DDC Non-Standard Pedestrian Ramps Installations – Landmarks Citywide

Please see this introductory letter for HWP2020LM: Non-Standard Pedestrian Ramp Installation – Landmarks, Citywide (seven of which are located in CB2). There are seven locations withing the boundaries of Community District 2:


Human Services Committee Materials

Gansevoort Arts Advisory Panel Materials

NYC COVID-19 Resources

COVID-19 Testing Sites

Walk-in testing is available at no cost to you at these NYC Health + Hospitals locations.

Click to access:

COVID-19 Vaccine
DOHMH has created a Vaccine web page to keep New Yorkers up to date.
Click to access:

COVID-19 DataThe data reflects the most recent information collected about people who have tested positive for COVID-19 in NYC. It is updated daily. 

Click to access COVID-19 DATA

General Information on COVID-19  There is increasing transmission of COVID-19 in New York City and widespread transmission across the United States and in many other countries. Read about:

Test and Trace Corps

The NYC Test & Trace Corps is a public health initiative to fight the threat of COVID-19. 
Test – Get a COVID-19 Test and an Antibody test to know if you have been exposed to the virus. – The tests are FREE, confidential and safe. More than 200 testing sites now open. Learn more.
Trace – Answer the call of the Contact Tracers – they provide support to New Yorkers who test positive for COVID-19 and their close contacts. Learn more.
Take Care – Protect Yourself and Your Loved Ones – Safely isolate in a free, comfortable and convenient hotel room or at home. Learn more.

Seasonal Flu (Influenza) As the flu and COVID-19 will likely circulate at the same time this season, getting a flu vaccine is more important than ever. Learn more.

Deter Package Theft

The NYPD Crime Prevention Division has provided us with a flyer to help people prevent package theft during the holiday season and beyond.

Download the flyer.

Invisible Hands Ballot Delivery Initiative

If you’re concerned about venturing out to vote or have concerns about your ballot making it through the mail, Invisible Hands is here to help.
Read this letter to find out how.
For further information, please visit or call (732) 639-1579.

Hudson Park Library open as a Grab and Go Location

Hudson Park Library is now open as a Grab and Go location!  Patrons can start placing their holds by calling the branch at 212-243-6876 or logging into their account on and choosing “Hudson Park” as their pick-up location.

Their grab-and-go service allows patrons to pickup and return materials while safely maintaining distance from others. The process is contactless: Once your items are ready for pickup, they will immediately be checked out to your account. This way, all you have to do when you get to the library is grab your items from the holds shelf—then go! There is no need to stop by the circulation desk for checkout. The same goes for returns—rather than visiting the desk, there will be a designated bin where you can return any items you currently have.

The new hours are: Monday: 11-6; Tuesday: 11-6; Wednesday: 12-7: Thursday: 11-6; Friday: 11-5; Saturday: 11-5; Sunday: Closed.

Learn more about the NYPL Grab and Go program.

Equity Working Group Introduction Letter

We would like to announce the formation of the CB2 Equity Working Group to signify our commitment to ending the widespread systemic injustice and violence targeting Black people in America; and to share this letter — our promise to you that we will uphold racial justice within CB2.

Read the Equity Working Group introduction letter.

DOT Outdoor Dining Rules and Regulations

As New York City continues to see reductions in COVID-19 cases, restaurants are being allowed to serve people outside.

Read DOT’s outdoor restaurant dining rules and regulations.

Permanent Open Restaurants committee materials