Permanent Open Restaurants

There are three main actions that the City is undertaking to facilitate the creation of a Permanent Open Restaurants Program. The first one, a citywide zoning text amendment, is currently under a 90-day review period by community boards and borough presidents until Monday, September 27, 2021.

Action 1: Removal of Locational Prohibitions via Zoning Text Amendment
The first action (Permanent Open Restaurants Zoning Text Amendment) is under review by CB2’s Reopening Working Group and Land Use Committees with a  committee vote to be taken at a joint meeting on Wednesday, September 8, 2021. The CB2 Full Board vote will take place at the September Full Board Meeting. Please see the CB2 Calendar for updates on the dates, times, locations, and registration links for these meetings.

Send your written testimony on Permanent Open Restaurants to [email protected].

Citywide Permanent Open Restaurants Zoning Text Amendment
Open Restaurants / Sidewalk Cafes

Find out how the other 58 community boards are voting on the Permanent Open Restaurants – Go to Milestones > In Progress > Community Board Review here on ZAP.
Read and download other community boards’ Permanent Open Restaurants resolutions as they are submitted on ZAP. Go to Public Documents > CB/BB/BP Recommendations here on ZAP.

Department of City Planning – Zoning Application Portal

Public Documents

Department of City Planning Permanent Open Restaurants 

City Planning Commission (CPC) Review Session on Permanent Open Restaurants on June 21, 2021:

Video – Joint DOT & DCP Presentation to CB2 Reopening Working Group and Land Use on July 19, 2021:

DOT & DCP Powerpoint Slides presented on July 19, 2021 with specific CB2 data

Video – Mayor’s Office of Nightlife Open Restaurants Town Call on August 17, 2021 – DOT & DCP presentation to Eating and Drinking Establishment Operators This presentation covers both the current Temporary Open Restaurants program and the proposed Permanent Open Restaurants program. The presentation includes updated diagrams on amenity-zone seating (seating on the sidewalk at the curb which is prohibited in both the Temporary Open Restaurants program and in the proposed Permanent Open Restaurants program). The Q&A towards the end also offers information that may be of interest.

DCP Responses to CB2 POR Questions – September 16, 2021

Action 2: Changes to the Sidewalk Café Program
via Local Law and CAPA
– Transfers control of sidewalk cafés to DOT
– Revise design requirements and streamline duration of design review
– Create new clear path requirements and waivers to protect pedestrian right-of-way

Action 3: Creation of the Roadway Café via Local Law and CAPA
– Establish siting rules, guidelines, fee structure, and application review for new program

Past CB2 Reopening Working Group Documents on Open Restaurants
RWG Committee Report with Draft Recommendations for Permanent Open Restaurants Program, March  2021 

RWG Resolution on the continuation of the Temporary Open Restaurants Program, November 2020 

RWG Letter on the Temporary Open Restaurants Program, June 2020 


Open Restaurants Inspections 

Open Restaurants Applications

Storefronts Reported Leased or Not Leased


SLA Mapper (SLAM) – an interactive mapping tool that aggregates Open Restaurants Certifications, 311 Complaints – Open Restaurants (NYPD, DCA, DOT), 311 Complaints – Noise/Drinking, State Liquor Authority (SLA) Licenses, Sidewalk Café Licenses, and Restaurant Health Grades

ZoLA Zoning and Land Use Map

Sidewalk Cafe Map

Temporary Open Restaurants Map & Dashboard

NYC Planning Street Map: The Status & History of New York City’s Streets. This is a great resource to look up street widths.

Department of Transportation (DOT) Temporary Open Restaurants Program Guidance 

Mayor’s Office of People with Disabilities (MOPD) Open Restaurants Accessibility Guidelines


DCP Assessing Storefronts Vacancy in NYC: 24 Neighborhood Case Studies Report – August 2019



Send CB2 your written testimony on the Permanent Open Restaurants program: [email protected]

DOT is actively seeking public feedback about the permanent program and wants to hear your ideas about what you want to see:

Report Open Restaurants Complaints to 311: