Land Use Committee

Intro 2443-2021 by Margaret S. Chin

On Thursday, December 2, 2021, Manhattan CB2’s Land Use Committee held a joint meeting with the CB2 SoHo/NoHo Working Group to discuss Intro 2443-2021, which would increase penalties related to using joint living work quarters for artists contrary to zoning.

Following that meeting, CB2 issued a letter to elected officials about the legislation, which you can find here.

NYC Loft Board: Rule Changes

  1. General info about the structure and purpose of the Loft Board.
  2. A New York Times article from 1983 that should help set the scene.
  3. NYS Multiple Dwelling Law 7-C (aka MDL Article 7-C, the “Loft Law”) that established the NYC Loft Board (Section 282).
  4. Original notice of changes to Loft Board rules in City Record (on p. 2446).
  5. Map of IMD buildings in CB2

Elevate Transit: Zoning for Accessibility

  1. Elevate Transit Zoning for Accessibility – Manhattan Community District 2
  2. Manhattan CB2 Proposed Easement
  3. Manhattan CB2 Existing & Proposed Bonus Stations