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Parks & Waterfront

The committee reviews plans and proposals regarding all the public space in CB2. It also reviews other properties operated or maintained by the Parks Department, including the Dapolito Recreation Center, Greenstreets plantings, street trees and public plazas.

Where possible, the committee promotes the creation of new public open space and the preservation and upgrades as needed of existing parks and open areas.

Also, the committee focuses on the development, operation and management of Hudson River Park from Canal Street to 14th Street including potential buildout or modifications of Pier 40 and Pier 55 and the Gansevoort Peninsula.

Board Members                                            Public Members
Rich Caccappolo, Chair                                 Elizabeth Gilmore
Susanna Aaron, Vice Chair                           Sharon Woolums
Ritu Chattree                                                 Coral Dawson
Chris Dignes
Anne Hager
Julian Horky
Matthew Metzger
Shirley Secunda
Frederica Sigel

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