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Arts & Culture Working Group

The committee provides a forum for artists, organizations and city agencies to present proposals for arts and cultural projects in the CB2 area. It is also a forum for the large institutions within CB2 to present their plans and ideas for development, programs or other events that will affect the community. Coverage includes universities, schools, libraries and religious and social institutions.

This committee advocates for preserving the artistic heritage of CB2, while giving the community and the board an opportunity to review and have input on various proposals at an early stage with the purpose of protecting the public interest.

Board Members                                            Public Members
Ivy Kwan Arce, Chair                                      Stacey Goergen
Chris Dignes                                                   Kristin Marting
Susan Gammie                                               Jonathan Slaff
Anne Hager
Erika Olson
Rocio Sanz

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