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Cannabis Licensing Committee

The Community Board 2 Cannabis Licensing Committee (CLC) seeks to support the success of cannabis businesses that contribute to the district’s economic development and cultural diversity. In so doing, the CLC works to facilitate such businesses’ ability to preserve and enhance the quality of life experienced by the District’s residents.

The legal authority under which the Community Board operates in relation to cannabis licenses is the New York State’s Marihuana Regulation & Taxation Act (MRTA). Under the MRTA, Community Boards in New York City are responsible for advising the Office of Cannabis Management and Cannabis Control Board with respect to applications for licenses to sell cannabis products for on-premises and off-premises consumption, as well as license renewals, transfers, alterations, corporate changes, and method of operation changes. Although the Community Board does not make the final decision on licensing, its recommendations carry significant weight in the OCM/CCB review.

Board Members
Mar Fitzgerald, Chair
Dr. Cheryl Wu, Vice-Chair
William Benesh
Chris Dignes
Patricia Laraia
Juan Osorio
Antony Wong

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