Monthly Board meetings provide a public forum for members to address items of concern to the community and give residents the opportunity to express their opinions. Additionally, Boards regularly conduct public hearings on the City’s budget, land use matters, and other items of concern.


Committees within Community Boards are charged with the duty of following up on the issues raised at Board meetings. Each Board establishes its own structures and procedures for committees; non-board members may apply to join them.

CB#12 Monthly Meetings:

CB#12 Committee Meetings are usually in the first two weeks of the month. All meetings usually start at 7 pm, with the exception of a couple of meetings (noted below).

1st Monday – Traffic & Transportation at 7 pm

1st Monday – Cannabis Taskforce at 7 pm
1st Tuesday – Business Development at 7 pm
1st Wednesday – Land Use; and Public Safety at 7 pm
1st Thursday – Aging at 10:30 am; Health & Environment at 6:30 pm; Housing & Human Services at 7 pm
2nd Monday – Youth & Education at 7 pm
2nd Tuesday – Parks & Cultural Affairs at 6:30 pm
2nd Wednesday – Licensing at 6:30 pm
3rd Monday – Executive Committee at 6:30 pm
3rd Thursday – District Service Cabinet Meeting at 10 am
4th Tuesday – General Board Meeting at 6:30 pm

*Please Call CB12 to confirm meetings*