Street Activity Permits

Applications for the Street Activity Permit Office (SAPO) are available to download online. Applicants should visit the SAPO E-Apply website for more information.

SAPO’s E-Apply offers real-time status updates, the ability to pay the processing fee by credit card, and quicker issuance of permits. In addition, SAPO’s Website now has the capability of accepting electronic checks, so applicants have an additional option to pay the processing fee other than using credit cards.

Community Board 10 will continue to monitor and review electronic applications.  The following are required for a successful Block Permit/Street Activity application:

  • To allow sufficient processing time, applications must be submitted 90 days before the proposed event date.
  • An official letter from the sponsoring organization that explains the event’s activity and goals should be mailed to the Community Board Office.
  • A letter of support from the Block Association and/or Religious Institution should be mailed to the Community Board Office

The completion of Neighborhood Petition Form which includes 100 signatures of local residents of the affected or surrounding streets where the street activity is to take place. The form should be completed and mailed to the Community Board Office.

NOTE: The applicant is responsible for notifying the Manhattan CB 10 Office that a Street Activity Application has been filed with SAPO. Failure to alert the CB 10 Office can lead to a disapproval of the permit.