About MCB10

Map of the community boards in N Y C

Manhattan Community Board 10 is a local government agency of the City of New York encompassing the neighborhoods of Central Harlem in the Borough of Manhattan. Three of the District’s four major boundaries are natural features: Harlem River to the north, Central Park to the south and the Fordham Cliffs to the west. The District’s eastern border, Fifth Avenue, is its only boundary that is not a natural feature. Central Harlem has a population of approximately 120,000 people; occupies approximately 1.5 square miles of relatively flat land; and is often referred to as “the Valley” by long term residents.

Community Boards have an important advisory role in long-term community planning, Uniform Land Use Review Procedure (ULURP); reviewing Liquor License Applications, Sidewalk Cafe Applications, Street Activity Permit Applications, street closings; assessing community needs in the City budget; ensuring the proper delivery of municipal services; and advocating for the welfare of the Community District and its residents. Like all other Community Boards, Community Board 10 is mandated by the City Charter of the City of New York. Check out NYC’s Governmental Organizational Chart.

Community Board 10’s fifty (50) members are volunteers appointed by the Borough President. Community Board staff are available to assist with local issues and provide information to the public.