About Community Board 10

Manhattan Community Board 10 (CB 10) is located in Central Harlem, is one of the New York City’s most diverse communities, and we are proud to call Central Harlem our home.

Community Board 10 encompasses the neighborhoods of Central Harlem. Three of the District’s four major boundaries are natural features: Harlem River to the north, Central Park to the south and the Fordham Cliffs to the west. The District’s eastern border, Fifth Avenue, is its only boundary that is not a natural feature.

Community Board 10 has fifty volunteered members appointed by the Manhattan Borough President. Twenty-five of those members are recommended by the local City Councilperson. The key responsibilities of the Community Board are:

  • Addressing the Welfare of the District
  • Communicating with the People of the District
  • Participating in the Budget Process and the Capital Program
  • Planning for the Needs of the District
  • Monitoring and Evaluating the Delivery of Services
  • Conducting Community Board Business

In addition to the key responsibilities, Community Board 10 is very concerned about the lack of affordable housing in Central Harlem. Working together with the Mayor’s office, elected officers, local and non-local developers and other stakeholders, Community Board 10 looks forward to finding a solution that will achieve diversity and neighborhood stability.

The actions and procedures of Community Board 10 and its committees are governed by the New York City Charter and the NYS Open Meetings Laws.