Message from the District Manager

It is a great pleasure to serve as District Manager of Community Board 12, Manhattan. As District Manager, I have the responsibilities of processing service complaints, preside the district service cabinet meeting, implement the Board’s actions, run the Board’s office, ensure and improve the delivery of City service to the district. The delivery of service include, but is not limited, the repair of potholes, sinkholes and cave in, broken street lights, signals and traffic regulation signs, leaking and illegally open fire hydrants, elimination of all unnecessary noises, ensure police patrol where and when is needed, full equipped fire houses, garbage pickup and streets cleaning, proper maintenance of parks facilities, enforcement of the Housing and Department of Building Codes, and more.

Community Board 12, Manhattan is a local government unit of the City of New York encompassing the neighborhoods of Washington Heights and Inwood. These neighborhoods serve as residency to 208, 414 individuals, according to 2006 U.S. Census report. Very important institutions such as Columbia University School of Medicine, New York Presbyterian Hospital and Yeshiva University are part of Washington Heights and Inwood drawing thousands of people into the district daily. Therefore, the demand for municipal service is very high. My goal as District Manager is to make Washington Heights and Inwood a better place to live. In order to achieve my goal, I inspect district 12 daily; however, it is impossible to know what happens within the entire district 24-hours a day and report it to the appropriate City agency. For this reason, I encourage you to help me to inspect and report any need of municipal service where you live or work within Washington Heights and Inwood.

The best way to request municipal service is by calling 311 and reporting any existing condition in your area since you have firsthand knowledge. You will get a complaint number and should submit to my office such complaint number for us to follow up with the appropriate City agency. For your convenience you may submit a complaint directly from this web page and forward to me the complaint confirmation at [email protected]. If it is not possible for you to submit a complaint to 311 please report the complaint to my office and we will take care of it. My office is located at 530 W. 166th Street, 6th floor, we are open to the public Monday to Friday, from 9:00 am to 5:00 pm, our telephone number is 212-568-8500 and our fax number is 212-740-8197. Thank you for your interest in Community Board 12, Manhattan together we can make Washington Heights and Inwood a better place to live. God bless you.