Hudson Yards Community Advisory Committee Structure


  • Manhattan Community Board 4: Lee Compton, Anna Levin, Walter Mankoff, Joe Restuccia, Jean-Daniel Noland
  • U.S. Representative Jerrold Nadler (or proxy)
  • City Council Speaker Christine C. Quinn (or proxy)
  • Manhattan Borough President Scott M. Stringer (or proxy)
  • State Senator Thomas K. Duane (or proxy)
  • Assembly Member Richard N. Gottfried (or proxy)
  • Hell’s Kitchen Neighborhood Association – Kathleen Treat
  • Housing Conservation Coordinators – John Raskin
  • Friends of Hudson River Park – Ross Graham
  • Friends of the High Line – Joshua David
  • Manhattan Plaza Tenants Association – Marisa Redanty
  • Rep from 544 West 35th street – Camilla Pettle
  • 44th Street Block Association – Renee Stanley
  • 45th Street Block Association – Justin Krebs
  • Hudson Crossing Tenants Association – Brian Sogol
  • Save Chelsea – Andrew Berman
    West Side Neighborhood Alliance – Anita Black

Duties of the Hudson Yards Community Advisory Committee:

The Hudson Yards Community Advisory Committee (‘Advisory Committee’), formed pursuant to paragraph 2.b. of the “Points of Agreement” between the Administration and the City Council with respect to the Hudson Yards rezoning in January 2005, shall advise the Hudson Yards Development Corporation (‘Development Corporation’) regarding the financing, planning, design, and construction of the Hudson Yards redevelopment area from a neighborhood perspective.

  • The Advisory Committee shall elect a Chair and a Secretary.
  • The Advisory Committee may pass resolutions to communicate its position on issues as they arise.
  • The Advisory Committee may request documents, presentations, and other information from the Development Corporation in order to effectively meet its obligations.


The Advisory Committee is subject to the New York State Open Meetings Law and will conform to its requirements.  The Development Corporation is asked to assist the Advisory Committee in giving public notice of the date, time, location and RSVP requirements of all meetings of the Development Corporation Board of Directors and the as soon as they are scheduled, but in any event not less than one week before any such meeting except for emergency meetings. This information should be disseminated by the Development Corporation by posting it on a website, providing it to the City Record, taking out advertisements in at least two newspapers, and sending it by e-mail to a list of all interested parties. Agendas for all meetings of the  Development Corporation Board of Directors and the Advisory Committee should also be publicized on a website and by e-mail as soon as such agendas are available, but in any event not less than five business days before the meeting.

The Advisory Committee will meet before all meetings of the Development Corporation Board of Directors to hear and comment on presentations of the matters to be presented to the Development Corporation Board of Directors. The Advisory Committee may also meet more frequently, at the Chair’s discretion. The Advisory Committee may also hold public meetings to seek broader input on issues as they arise.

Staff Support:

The Development Corporation, Manhattan Community Board 4, and the legislators are asked to provide the staff support required for the performance of the Advisory Committee’s duties.

Approved and adopted July 27, 2006