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NYC DEP Pay Your DEP Water Bill with Autopay

DEP is offering a $100 incentive credit to encourage customers to enroll in autopay. This limited time opportunity will only run for three months, until Nov. 15, so interested customers should sign up immediately. Those who enroll in autopay are required to receive e-bills, which eliminates physical paper bills and is therefore a more environmentally friendly alternative. DEP is launching this savings program as a follow-up to the successful amnesty program that forgave interest charges for customers who paid their overdue water bills.

Autopay allows customers to pay their bills automatically on the due date, or a specific date each month, and avoid the hassle of remembering to pay on time. The autopay feature automatically deducts a customer’s balance or payment amount from their bank account or credit card. Approximately 100,000 accounts, or 12% of DEP’s customers, are currently enrolled in autopay. This initiative aims to increase enrollment, which will help keep accounts current, increase customer satisfaction, and reduce the volume of bill inquiries to our call center, borough offices and correspondence unit.

Customers are eligible if they sign up for autopay using their My DEP account through Nov. 15. They must be enrolled in monthly billing, e-billing and cannot be delinquent on bills. If a customer has multiple accounts, all accounts can be eligible for the non-refundable $100 one-time credit, if all the program requirements are met.

Plus, setting it doesn’t mean forgetting it—customers will receive monthly notifications that their payment is scheduled and paid. Customers are required to stay current on their bills and be enrolled in autopay, e-billing, and monthly billing for six months after the $100 credit is applied to the account. If any of these qualifying actions are altered, the $100 credit will be revoked.

Additional info can be found at, on our social media channels @NYCWater, or by calling DEP Customer Service at (718) 595-7000. (Please note that only property owners can enroll in autopay, monthly billing, and e-billing. DEP staff cannot enroll customers’ accounts into these services.)

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