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Please find below a construction look-ahead for the upcoming work activity between 4/10 – 4/21 related to 180 Clarkson and 570 Washington projects.Scope of work: Beginning on 4/10, soil excavation and export will commence. Preparation for the support of the excavation (SOE) system will begin.Activities: With the construction fence and perimeter logistics set-up complete, soil excavation and export will commence. Concurrent with soil export, preparations for the SOE system will begin, including removing existing sidewalks within the site fence, excavation & pre-drilling to clear surface-level obstructions.

Pedestrian, bicycle, and vehicular routes will remain open around the construction site per DOT approvals. Flagmen will be deployed to construction trucking entry and exit locations.

Hours of operation: Work hours are anticipated to be 7 AM – 6 PM, Monday to Friday.

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